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Welding technicians programme

Electrician programme

Services: Our Approach

KE plans to make these potent tools available to the Indian masses living in the smallest of towns or the remotest of villages, where resides the majority of our population, particularly the jobless. To facilitate this, KE is developing a nationwide network of partners and associates in every nook-and-corner of the country. The benefit of this is twofold - Through this network of partnerships


Under the initiative I-Seva students fulfill their social obligation by working closely with the community, participating in activities like Blood Donation camp, Tree Planting or holding adult education classes for the economically weaker section.


The journey from a desire to be certified to obtaining the certification is a simple three-step process.

1. Learn

TOur structured content is designed to ease learning for certification.

2. Practice

We ensure that the students get the hands on experience on the skill they choose

3. Certify

The certificate are provided to the students from the relevant sector skill council.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training programs for the weaker section

We believe it is the right of every citizen to have access to formal or informal education. For a country to grow people at the bottom rung of the ladder must grow. It is our endeavour to provide interventions to improve the lives of every section of society, especially those who have had no formal education by providing them vocational training. The beneficiaries of this initiative are the weaker section of society, women and farmers. The idea behind the initiative is to give people the skills so that they can sustain themselves. To create possibilities where none exist. This initiative is the outcome of unrelenting effort of students and teachers. The programmes initiated by us

  • Adult education
  • Water resource management
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Carpentry
  • Welding technicians programme
  • Electrician programme
  • Textile work
  • Automobile workshops and many more


1. Certification validates knowledge and skill

Standardized certifications are a method to ensure that the level of an individual's skill is matched with the industry requirements and expectations.

2. Certification enhances employability

Job candidates who are certified in the relevant skill give employers the confidence of efficiency and the ability to perform. Additionally, it gives an edge over other non-certified applicants.

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